Commercial, residential, and recreation development

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Successful development is all about the clear understanding and control of processes: feasibility, due diligence, planning, entitlements, construction, leasing and ultimately, asset management. From inception, it requires vision: making the proper acquisition of land, understanding an area’s prospects for growth and services, factoring in cost controls and contingencies. Then, throughout the process, it demands an unsentimental eye for detail and thoughtful agility.

B&Z Properties and its affiliated entities have developed more than $750 million of commercial, residential and recreational projects over the past twenty-plus years. Our principals have worked closely with numerous agencies, municipalities and community associations to ensure that each project is delivered on time and budget in an effort to eliminate surprises.

We take a very positive approach to working with various entities and individuals, focusing on what can and should be done within sensible parameters. In every instance, we remain keenly aware that the projects will ultimately be “peopled” – and, accordingly, we develop each detail on a very human scale. Because of our longtime residence in this region, both professional and personal, we understand what individuals require to enjoy a high quality of life, safety and aesthetic satisfaction in the environments they’ll soon experience.

Similarly, the fiscal sensibility of each B&Z development is guided by our expressed desires and filtered through our own experience and expertise. We do our homework before it’s been assigned and build in values long before a foundation is poured. Perhaps more significantly, we look ahead to determine each development’s potential re-use and adaptability in the years to follow.

Development Services

  • Site Evaluation
  • Due Diligence
  • Land Acquisition
  • Master Planning
  • Entitlement & Government Approvals
  • Financial Analysis
  • Conceptual Planning & Project Theming
  • Engineering & Plan Development
  • Permit Processing & Approval
  • Detail Budgeting
  • Construction Management and Accounting
  • Project Completion/Warranty/Permit Closeout

Sample Projects

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Barclays Data Center:

Purchased 1.37 acres of land on speculation and prepared construction documents for an efficient 18,000 square foot single story building.  Marketed the project and preleased to Barclay’s Global Investors as one of their regional data centers.  Completed the project on time and on budget.  Incubated the investment and sold for a significant return.

plumas pines

Plumas Pines Golf Course:

Purchased an existing 18 hole golf course that was under performing.  Made additional capital improvements to the course and clubhouse to improve the operational performance and playability of the course.  Developed tiered green fee pricing to fit the market and revaluated all of the advertising.  Significantly increased the net operating income of the project.  Sold off excess land for residential development and sold the project at the height of the market.


Cobblerock office building:

Purchased 6.74 acres of land and completed construction documents for a 90,000 square foot two story office building with modern amenities and efficient design.  Marketed the project and preleased 70,000 square feet to Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company.  Constructed the building, completed the leasing, operated until leased up and stabilization and then sold.


Golf Courses:

Over a period of approximately 8 years acquired land for development into daily fee golf courses.  Entitled the land, developed golf course and facility plans.  Obtained construction financing with permanent takeout.  Constructed the golf courses and operated during the grow-in period.  Once completed, we turned the courses over to a national operator under a long term lease.  Courses included Teal Bend, Turkey Creek, Apple Mountain, Coyote Moon and Empire Ranch.

prospect west

Prospect West Buildings:          

Purchased 12.40 acres of land and developed plans for two class A 110,000 square foot office buildings.  Marketed the granite and glass office buildings and preleased each to 50% occupancy.  Entered into a tri-party agreement with Guarantee Federal Bank and INVESCO (Delta Airlines Pension Fund) to develop the project.  Completed construction on time and budget and moved in the initial tenants.  Operated the buildings, completed the lease up on a timely basis and sold each building to investors.

Teale Data Center

Teale Data Center:

Joint Ventured with another developer to construct the 2 story 150,000 square foot Teale Data Center which is the State of California’s primary data center for all of their agencies, incorporating the latest in computer and electronic technology.  We provided the equity and construction financing with a permanent take-out loan.  The State of California had an option to purchase which they exercised.

granite drive

Granite Drive Retail:

Identified two tenants in the market for a building in a new submarket.  We located a 3.10 acre site based on their site criteria, designed a building and completed construction documents.  Once lease documents were completed we began and completed construction, on time and on budget.  After the tenant’s moved in we operated the building for several years until the market matured and then sold.

prospect c west

Prospect West C:

Acquired 4.00 acres of land and completed plans for a 67,000 square foot efficient office building with amenities.  Preleased half the building to Encompass, a division of Allstate Insurance.  Completed construction and operated the building while finishing the lease up.  Incubated the building for a few years and then sold to an investor.

progressive building

Progressive Corporate Center:

Purchase 11.07 acres of land, designed and completed construction documents for 2-80,000 square foot two story efficient office buildings.  Leased the project to Progressive Insurance on a long term basis.  Operated the buildings for a few years and then sold to an institutional investor.

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Worked on a 1,200 acre master planned community consisting of 222 rural estate residential lots and 400 acres of community open space.  Facilitated in the buy-out of a dysfunctional ownership group by one of the existing investors.  Completed the recordation of the final map and satisfaction of very complex conditions of approval including the approval of individual lot septic systems with the California State Water Resources Board which was critical for the financial success of the project.  Advertised the re-packaged and market ready project and negotiated the sale to a regional homebuilder.


Verdera at Twelve Bridges:

Purchased a 1,033 acre project with preliminary entitlements for approximately 600 home sites and an existing daily fee golf course (Twelve Bridges).  Re-designed the project and developed a consistent “Santa Barbara Spanish Style” theme for this high end gated community.  Established a home owners association with CC&R’s, By-laws, Design Review Guidelines and Architectural Committee.  Prepared construction documents, obtained all necessary permits and constructed the backbone and in some cases in-tract infrastructure.  Developed and executed a marketing and sales campaign for 3 product types; 2 finished residential production villages containing a total of 271 lots which were sold to JTS Communities and Centex Homes; 181 custom lots that were sold individually to custom home builders and individuals; and lastly, 3 paper lot villages containing a total of 138 tentative map lots which were sold to Greenbriar Homes.

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Dixon Retail Land:

Purchased 16.64 acres of land on highway 80 in Dixon, CA.  Cleaned up the entitlements and engineered the site for big box retail.  Marketed and sold the land.

gateway property management

Gateway Office Building:

Acquired 4.43 acres of land in South Natomas and cleaned up the entitlements.  Designed an esthetically appealing two story office building on speculation.  Completed the construction of the building and began lease up to a variety of Tenants such as ML Stern Securities, Wells Fargo Bank, Communication Workers of America and ParaSec Corp.  Reached 98% occupancy and have held the building for investment.